[NI0044] [Newby.FTW]


According to the death certificate obtained by Cheryl Straub, John Straub died of "lateral sclerosis" of the spinal cord. This may mean he had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side.

His death certificate lists his father as J. H. Straub and his mother as Catherine Spoener. Previous research had indicater his father as Henry Straub and his mother as Catherine Spencer.

[NI0045] [Newby.FTW]


She was so outspoken she often offended or hurt the people around her. On occasion she wouldn't even let her son in the house, because he came to visit her without first letting her know he was comming. He had tried calling her. She didn't have a phone, but a neighbor did. The neighbor said there was no response when they knocked on the door. Her son had called several times, and the neighbor had tried getting her several times. At that time her son was living in Sesser, IL, and she lived in St. Louis. He and his family were visiting other relatives in St. Louis and tried to visit her. She sent them away and told them to never come without an appointment.

She also liked to tease. She told her son's daughter, Mildred, that her son wasn't really her father. She never did tell her she was teasing. Another relative told her not to pay any attention to Katie J.

She lived in IL with her son and daughter-in-law for a short time, probably in 1944 or 45, but cried to go back to St. Louis, so her son took her back.

Added by C. Wing,RNC (gr gr granddaughter): Sounds like irrational behavior, possibly mental illness, especially since her son M.F. had to have a labotomy for senile dementia prior to age 60. Mental illness is hereditary.

Katie J.'s grandkids called her half sister Aunt Nettie. She was also at least one of the grandkids godmother. They did not call Katie J.'s only full sister Aunt Annie.

Raymeier and Raywinkle are also related to Katie J., but the relationship is unknown.

[NI0046] [Newby.FTW]


The only records I can find on Henry are his military record (one page), and the 1860 census of Washington, Franklin Co., MO. It lists William,
Teresa, and Henry. I do not know enough about him to know if this is the right Henry, or if William is his brother and the Henry listed is his nephew.

[NI0058] [Newby.FTW]


According to the Coroner's Certificate of Death he died of cerebral hemorrhage from injuries at hands of Joe Smith on October 4, 1941. He was beat with a blackjack and a piece of lumber. This occured in Ziegler, IL. His daughter, Neva Furlow, stated no charges were pressed against Joe Smith. I believe it was a bar room fight.

[NI0059] [Newby.FTW]


Herman left Nella after 15 years-around 1930. Clorine would not speak about her father to anyone. The only thing she once said was that they were going hungry, while he bought rollerskates for the kids of the woman he was living with. When Carl Straub and Cheryl Wing were researching Franklin Co. records in Aug., 1992, she finally supplied us with names of his brothers and sisters and their spouses.

Carl believed that everyone hated Herman, but one day Nella showed him a picture she had had made. She got a picture of herself later in life, and found one of him later in life, and had them put together, so that it would appear that they were photographed together.

[NI0069] [Newby.FTW]


Alex enlisted in the 110th IL Infantry, Company B, on 15 Aug 1862. He served about a year, and was discharged for medical reasons. He contracted typhoid while on a march, and had the associated chronic pneumonia and diarrhea, and hepatitis. He received a pension, #654,252.

[NI0072] [Newby.FTW]


Sources for information on Wm. and family are as follows:

1. 1812, 1813, 1814, 1817 Tax List for Mecklenburg Co., VA 2. 1820, 1830, 1840 Census of Lincoln Co., TN 3. 1850 Census of Saline Co., IL 4. History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, & Williamson Counties, Southern IL-published by Godspeeds in 1887.

All of the above was supplied by Mildred L. Pulliam. She also says the Pulliams moved from VA to TN after 1817, TN to Hamilton Co., IL between 1840-1845, then to Raleigh, Saline Co., IL in 1847, and then on to Harrisburg, Saline Co., IL.

The Pulliams may have had another child born between 1810-1820 that died as a child or remained in TN when the others moved to IL around 1840-1845.

[NI0073] [Newby.FTW]


Papers sent by Mildred L. Pulliam suggest that Fanny is related to the McNally's of Rand-McNally Maps.

[NI0074] [Newby.FTW]


Record of Wm., Sr. is found in Mecklenburg Co., VA, from the 1782 Tax List. He then probably moved with his father to NC from 1782-1793. He is again on the Mecklenburg Co. Tax List for 1793, 1805, and 1812. Thereafter he is exempt from tax. He sold land in Mecklenburg Co. in 1819, and no records are found after that.

[NI0079] [Newby.FTW]


Wm. Pulliam and Wm. Jennings, Sr., of Hanover Co., VA, witnessed a deed executed by a merchant of Hanover Co. to Patterson Pulliam, Planter, of Caroline Co., VA, for a tract of 250 acres in Spotsylvania Co., VA (North side of the Pamunkey River) on 6 Feb 1729.

[NI0081] [Newby.FTW]


New Kent Co. was formed from York Co. in 1654.

In 1656-1666, and possibly later, Wm. Pulliam, Sr. had land patents in New Kent Co., VA. He is listed in a book of abstracts of Virginia land grants (1623-1666) called Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library in Washington, DC has a Pulliam lineage chart. DAR records are unverified.

[NI0092] [Newby.FTW]


The death certificate of his son, John, lists his father as J. H. Straub. Not Henry Straub.

[NI0093] [Newby.FTW]


The death certifiate on her son, John, lists his mother as C. Spoener. Not Catherine Spencer.

The marriage record from the county lists her name as Catharine Spener.

[NI0107] [Newby.FTW]


Amanda lived with their daughters after J.T. died. She died at Cora Mitchell MacFarland's house. Anne Mitchell Gill is the only one of their children still alive (1993), but she would not respond to a letter I wrote her in 1992.

[NI0194] [Newby.FTW]


Thomas enlisted for 3 years as a soldier in the State Artillery on 18 Aug 1777. He served 3 years. (See pension file S5812.) Thomas was a private in the artillery. His pension was $100 a month. When he died, he did not leave a widow, but left the following children: James and Matthew, now living in Alabama, and Abram, now residing in Virginia.
Only James, Matthew, and Abram are mentioned in his will. Any other children were probably dead.

To get copy of Will:

Chesterfield Co.
P.O. Box 125
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Ph: 804-748-1241

[NI0208] [Newby.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 13, Ed. 1, Tree #2122, Date of Import: Aug 27, 1998]

1850 Limestone Co Ala. Pg 54 - Family 9
Reubin Crutcher 58 MW Farmer 2000 Va.
David " 21 MW Ala
Ann " 23 FW "
Alfred " 22 MW "
William R " 19 MW "
Martha " 17 FW "
Amelia V " 15 FW "
Matthew Newsby 22 MW Farmer 0 Ala
Dudley " 9 MW "
Walter " 7 MW "
Note: Newsby family relationship unknown, but could be widower of an
older daughter.

[NI0244] [Newby.FTW]


James, Jr. supposedly died "possessed", according to some court proceedings in 1817. Some brothers and sisters were suing other brothers and sisters over his land.

[NI0253] [Newby.FTW]


Children listed are those living in 1791 as per James, Sr.'s will.

[NI1000] [Newby.FTW]


There is some discrepancy in records submitted to the LDS Church on this individual. Elizabeth's father was named John, and his father named Thomas, but as to the dates, birthplaces, and mother's name, they vary greatly. John was either an immigrant, born in England in 1676, or a first generation American, born in Virginia in 1664. Both Johns eventually lead to the same family of Haliday 6 generations back. One researcher believes we decended from Thomas Haliday in about 1500. And the other researcher believes we decended from his brother, William Haliday. I believe we decended from Thomas Haliday for 2 reasons, comparing the two researchings, as I haven't done any research on the Holladays myself. One reason is that the first researcher's work more closely ties in with what I was given on the Pulliam family (the branch of the family the Holladays married into twice). The second reason is that the other researcher lists Leonard Halliday, Lord Mayor of London, as one of our ancestors. I believe this researcher is trying to get royalty into this line where there is not directly any. According to the first researcher, Leonard would be our ancestor's first cousin.

[NI1021] [Newby.FTW]


Adaline Crangle is recorded as a widow on the 1863 Cleveland City Directory, living on Old River. Also a John Crangle is listed, a laborer, living on California n. Muirson. This could be her brother-in-law, father-in-law, stepson, etc.

No Crangles are recorded in 1861, 1864-1867. Their son William H. Crangle is recorded in 1879, a caulker, boarding @ 41 Hickory. He was not recorded in 1880, but was in 1881. The same entry as 1879.

[NI1423] [Newby.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 13, Ed. 1, Tree #2122, Date of Import: Aug 27, 1998]

!BIRTH From IGI File

!MARR Rueben Cutcher 07/31/1815 in Char Co., Va.

!DEATH Source - Ancestor Chart TN Valley Gen Soc Vol 2 pg 99

Batch #: 8630309, Sheet #: 23, Source Call #: 1396270
Batch #: 8628912, Sheet #: 16, Source Call #: 1396250

[NI2436] [Newby.FTW]

Worked in a major bank in Nashville, TN

[NI2478] [Newby.FTW]


[NI2479] [Newby.FTW]

Served in military in Oregon.
Lived in Oregon after discharge from military.

[NI2480] [Newby.FTW]


[NS152911] Customer pedigree.

[NS10881] Customer pedigree.

[NS190901] Customer pedigree.

[NS194031] Customer pedigree.

[NS194541] Customer pedigree.

[NS191021] Customer pedigree.

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